Accommodation Expert Witness Reports

Expert Witness - Overview

We are experienced in the fields of inclusivity and accessibility. 

Acting as an Expert Witness, we can provide you with an Accommodation Report to support your court claims regarding disability matters. 

Our expert opinion is impartial and based on the personal circumstances of each client.

We work closely with the claimant’s family, carers or any other professional advisors who care for the well-being of the client.

Expert Witness - The Process

Where appropriate, we will visit the client within their current home environment, to discuss their needs, in relation to their particular disability. 

Where necessary, we are also happy to discuss the client’s needs with their family members or care professionals.

We will also assess the suitability of the property, undertaking a visual inspection and a measured survey. 

Following our visit, we will prepare an Accommodation Report. This brings together evidence from the client meeting and property survey along with information provided by third parties, such as any medical, care or occupational therapy reports.

Importantly, included within the report will be an estimated cost of any adaptations that may be required to the clients home, to enable them to live as comfortably and independently as possible. 

This report is then provided to the Solicitor representing the client.

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